Welcome nervous newbie…

Once upon a time, there was a woman, let’s call her Anna.  

I imagine she’s quite like you… She had gone through some hard times in her life & she’d come to the decision she would like to help others in a similar situation.

She’d seen her friends building their own businesses & it looked fun. They were making money & fitting a flexible work-life around their families.

She set to work. She was capable & knew she would be making 6 figures in no time. All the books said so. All the Facebook ads said so. The marketing course she had spent £1000 on said so. It would all be so easy & she would be HELPING people at the same time… amazing.

She earned her certificate, built her website, started a blog & posted on social media. She was full of high hopes & enthusiasm.

Then, boom! The doubt kicked in.

Who was she to do this? What would people think? What if she didn’t get results? What if people laughed at her? What if they criticised her?  Was she a fraud? She compared herself to the successful business that had inspired her to begin with & felt hopeless.

She started avoiding other parents at the school gate. She didn’t want them asking questions. She didn’t want to have to lie or feel like a failure.  She came to dread ‘that’ conversation with her other half. You know, the money one.  She pretended to be busy, but she wasn’t sure what she was meant to be doing anymore.

She felt stuck, she felt like she was going round in circles. She thought it was her pricing, she thought it was her website, she changed her niche AGAIN.  She felt her original dream slip further & further away from her.

She wasn’t even sure she knew what the dream was anymore. This wasn’t fun & it most certainly wasn’t how things were meant to work out.

Does Anna sound a little like yourself? Or are you a step behind Anna, too fearful to take the plunge because of everything that could go wrong?

If so, you’re in exactly the right place (welldone you…). I’ve got your back! None of this is your fault & you can absolutely do this.

I’m here to help you remember that you can absolutely feel the confidence to put yourself out there, creating the business & life YOU love.

How do I know this?

Because I have helped hundreds of clients just like Anna & yourself.  They all had one very simple, very fixable problem: limiting beliefs.

Fixing this just happens to be my passion & I have spent many years tweaking & editing an efficient, affordable system just for you.

It would be my honour to show you around.

At this point you may be wondering how you get your hands on some of this self belief we've been talking about...

A good place to start would be to join my Clarity Confidence Club for just £5.99 a month.

What people are saying


“I first visited Rachel when I was physically and emotionally worn out. I am now in the best place I have been in my adult life. Rachel has really impressed me with how intuitive she is at working out your needs and ensuring you leave her feeling better.”



“Rachel is great at having the intuition to help in a way that’s needed in the moment. I had energy clearance, tapping, life coaching and really good self exploration. I enjoyed all the techniques that helped me with worries and choices. I am delighted to know Rachel and will be calling her for some more Zoom sessions.”



“Wow, wow. I received an amazing treatment today which was a mixture of tapping, healing the inner child and access body consciousness. Rachel is a gifted lady and VERY good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you.”



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