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Not much on right now I’m afraid.

Raise your vibration online course coming soon. Email me to get on the wait list.

Retreats; nothing ’til 2021. Again, email me to register interest.

Workshops, online and other: consult my facebook page under events for details.  



“Rachel is phenomenal as an educator, and explains and understands beautifully. This was a wonderful experience I’m so grateful for.”
“Rachel helped me to learn some simple debrief techniques which will be of great benefit to my mamas as I’ll now give them more time to unload without jumping in with anecdotes, fixes or conversation and they’ll then get to go deeper, feel better heard and this will hopefully lighten their load.”
I really liked Rachel’s way of holding the workshop – walking her talk. Welcoming everyone in a sensitive and responsive way.
“Rachel is very professional and great at sharing her wisdom and skills. Very healing and I look forward to bringing it into practice.”
“I attended Rachel’s ‘Healing Stories’ group for the first time. Rachel is a very skilled and intuitive healer, therapist and facilitator, and as we shared openly and honestly there were tears of laughter and much healing. A superb evening, just amazing.”
“I have attended Rachel’s ‘Healing Stories’ group twice now, and I’m looking forward to the next one! It is a very welcoming and safe space and was lovely to share time with such nice, like-minded people.”
“It has been a wonderful experience with lovely people. I feel like this is the start of my healing journey” – Hilary, Tring
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