Soul lessons

Based on the work of Donald Neale Walsch and some of my own information

For those of you that have been asking about soul lessons, this is the simplest way I can explain it. There is lots of information out there but Donald Neale Walsch’s ‘The Little Soul’ also explains it beautifully.

Is this for you? Keep an open mind and then decide.

Obviously be true to yourself, whether this fits with your own views and outlook, but I can honestly say that this information has changed my whole perspectve, it has lifted me out of victim consciousness (usually at least!) and lifted my depression. What we see is not the reality, this earth plane of reality really is ‘a stage and all the men and women players on it’ or whatever that channelled and hugely underestimated poet Shakespeare famously wrote. Underestimated in that as well as a playwright he was a spiritual teacher.

Soul School

Instead in my opinion this earth plane is Soul School, it’s the place where we get to demonstrate that we really do understand compassion, love, forgiveness, self worth, kindness etc. It’s kind of like the practical exam after the theory in whichever realm we get to do that. So yes, there are lessons, but they are all working FOR us, not against us and we can never really fail. There is no judgement if we need another shot at it, we just have to come back and do it again! So there is an incentive to do the soul work, but no pressure either. We are all working at the level that suits us.

So…. How does it all work?

Before we incarnate we decide with our soul family and soul team what lesson or lessons we would like to demonstrate. There are also levels to the lesson so we choose this also, whatever level we feel we are ready for, in the same way that there are GCSEs and PHDs.

If we choose the lesson of forgiveness for example, we choose a soul to do something really awful to us in the earth plane, so that we can come through it and ultimately demonstrate forgiveness.

Because we agreed this whilst still as souls, we were still love and light and forgiveness. The earth plane felt easy to us, it felt FUN, it felt exciting. But we hadn’t reckoned on that human thing called emotions. We didn’t know what it would feel like to FORGET about our true soul essence, to FORGET that we had made a soul contract in order to demonstrate our lessons. We didn’t realise just how hard and lonely and scary it can feel living in a human body. At the same time we NEED to have human emotions, to get wrapped up in the story of our lives, otherwise the lesson, the exam is too easy. If we can just go, ‘it’s ok, I know this is all a game, I know it’s not really real, let’s go back to being soul buddies’ we’ve kind of by-passed the exam.

The exam, the lesson, the experience, whatever you want to call it, REQUIRES us to think and feel and act as a human being, but then to be able to transcend all that, to say, ‘you really really hurt me but I forgive you.’ (forgiveness lesson).
To say, ‘My whole childhood I was abused and neglected and made to believe I was a bad person, but it’s OK, I know I’m a good person and have as much worth as anyone else.’ (self esteem lesson)

Of course, I am not saying don’t have human emotions, that would be impossible and not even helpful, but I am saying that this isn’t the true or only reality. There is a bigger picture going on here. I guess what I do in my work is allow people to clear their human emotions so that they can access their soul self. They can demonstrate their soul lessons and start living from a place of peace and freedom. As they get free of their human emotions, they can access their higher self and start creating a life that is more in alignment with their true self, what their soul would want for them.

If you have any comments, any questions, I would love to hear from you. Does this resonate with your view of the world? Or maybe not? Let me know.

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