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In 2012 I received a clear message during meditation: share your story to help other people. I was going through a story at the time, one that had catapulted me away from my career and nearly destroyed my marriage, and I thought ‘they’ meant that story. I started writing. We were on holiday and 40,000 words poured out of me. Then we got back home and I realised it wasn’t that story. It was this one:

My story now is that I live in joy, I feel fulfilled and happy. But it wasn’t always like this. Looking back I realise I lived with depression for most of my adult life without even realising it. I lived with chronic fatigue without even acknowledging it. I just assumed everyone felt like this, everyone lived like this. I wondered how other people juggled so much, how they DID so much, achieved so much, but it never occurred to me that with some simple healing I could have that too. I just got by, until one huge event in 2012 that made me examine everything I thought I knew, made me look at my childhood, my emotions, my meanings and beliefs. An event which put me on my own healing journey and introduced me to the techniques that I now use so successfully with my clients.

I don’t want this for you! I passionately don’t want this for you! I don’t want you to believe that your story is unimportant, that it can’t be fixed, that it’s just the way it is. No story is insignificant! This is not a competition. We don’t have to have suffered something highly traumatic (though with the tools and experience I have now I can heal those stories too) for it to have impact.

My story wasn’t traumatic, I just failed to process it. I believed my head when it told me I was big enough, I was strong enough, that I was fine, it was a little thing. It was just a normal, everyday story. The story of an unhappy marriage, a depressed mother and a divorce where she left me behind. A story that led me to believe, deep down and hidden, that I wasn’t important. This was the ‘truth’ I carried subconsciously into my adult life.

No wonder I failed to fly! I never had dreams or ambitions. I never went for promotions, I felt shy and unconfident in my social abilities. I was just existing and I never even knew it. And I never knew why. If you have a story, if your life isn’t the way you would like it to be, even if you don’t know what that might look like, or what might have caused it, reach out now and we can change it together. It would be my absolute honour to work with you. 

number of countries I have lived in. Call it running away.

The number of long distance paths I have walked some or all of. Call it escaping.

Number of years I worked as a midwife. I loved it so why did I play small?

the age I developed chronic fatigue and depression

the age I owned up to this and did something about it

The age I found my life work and decided to waltz with life


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