The story today comes from a past life regression. There are 2 versions: before and after the ‘healing’.

I can’t tell you whether this is actually a past life, or a wonderful story the subconscious has come up with to resolve an issue. From my point of view it doesn’t matter, it works the same.

Once upon a time, somewhere around the middle ages, there was a peasant farmer. He owned a small cottage on the land, and he had a good simple life. They were happy enough, and so long as he and his wife harvested the corn and paid their tythes, the king’s men left them alone.

But the man wanted more. He had a yearning in his soul……. he wanted to make a bigger difference, to be of service. he loved the king and he wanted to serve him. He left his wife and became a courtier. He worked hard, he had good ideas, he did well and was respected.

And then out of the blue one day he was thrown into jail. For some reason the king was displeased. The courtier had done nothing but serve and had no idea what he had done.

One day the king called him to court for judgement. He was in manky grey clothes, filthy from being in jail, rags really. Two soldiers pushed him forward and he fell heavily onto the flagstone floor in front of the king. On either side of him were the people of the court in smart, colourful clothes. He could feel them looking at him but he daren’t look up. He stayed prostrate on the floor, ashamed and angry. The king gave his verdict, in a white fur cape and crown, and yelled for the soldiers to take him away. The soldiers yanked at his clothes, they didn’t give him time to stand up and they half dragged him out of the court.

The man was sentenced to death. He felt so bitter, he felt angry and afraid. He thought everything had been in vain, he shouldn’t have bothered, there was no point, he should have stayed at home with his wife, he was so ashamed of his high ideals and his dreams, he shouldn’t have done any of it because it was all pointless. There was no point. There was just no point and he wanted to give up.

After the transformation healing: (done in the spirit realm with the assistance of his guides)

The man picked himself up to his full height in the court. He stood tall and looked the king in the eye. The King sadly told the soldiers to take him away. They went to hold him on either side but he stood up even taller, he indicated with his arms that they should stay away. He walked out of the courtroom in full control and with dignity.

He met with his wife from that lifetime and he was so so sorry. He lamented ever leaving her. He was so sorry. He said he had made a big mistake, it was all in vain and he should never have done it. She still loved him, she forgave him. She helped him see that he had followed his heart, regardless what had happened to him, he had achieved good things for the people, he had done what he thought was right and no one could take that away from him. He realised that he would do the same again, even though he had paid for it with his life. He had done good things and he was proud of it.

This client in their present life no longer feels things are pointless, that life is scary, that there’s no point trying, that no one will appreciate what they do. They have felt able to get going with their business and live their purpose and speak their truth. It’s been amazing!

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