I hope you didn’t feel too overwhelmed after part two’s blog. It is true that we can potentially have dozens of limiting beliefs. BUT once you start following the steps, you can start changing them quickly.

Then your life will also start changing quickly. The surface ones will respond well to the techniques in this blog. The deeper (more hidden) ones will respond to tapping (part four’s blog). The really really deep ones will respond to regression healing or therapy. (I will explain the basics another week but you may need to consult a practitioner).

The first thing to remember is that bringing a limiting belief to conscious awareness will take away some of it’s power, or even disperse it altogether. You also can’t clear what you don’t know about. Identifying the limiting belief (part two’s blog) is vital and part of the clearing process.

Challenging it will do the same: actually decide you will take action that is opposite to the limiting belief: speak up in the meeting, buy the expensive handbag even though you don’t think you deserve it. A word of warning here: this can sometimes backfire. You might fluff your words, or the handbag may stay in the cupboard, because guess what, you bought it, but you still don’t REALLY deserve it. It doesn’t fit with your identity. No worries, just do some other clearing techniques and try again. People will soon be listening to you in meetings, and the handbag will soon be out of the cupboard.

Affirmations are also helpful: take the limiting belief that you have identified, or the nearest you can get to, even if it’s a guess. Then repeat the most believable contradicting belief to yourself. Repetition is key here, like a mantra. Repeat in in front of the mirror. Write it on cards. Put it as a screen saver, say it over and over again. Say it ESPECIALLY when you catch yourself saying something different. Say it when you wake up. Say it when you go to bed.

Even if you don’t believe it at first. You are RETRAINING your brain, you are overriding your programs. It needs to be something that feels at least partially true to you. So instead of ‘I’m stupid’ you could say ‘I am capable and getting closer to my dreams every day.’ Having an affirmation that ‘I am the cleverest person ever and am working on becoming a rocket scientist’ might not work. But who knows. I am open to miracles. Maybe we’ll see you on the moon one day!

Power stances. Another way to think of these is to ask, ‘what would someone who DOES love themselves, DOES believe in themselves, DOES believe they are worthy, actually do. I give this one to my clients because guess, what, it WORKS. ‘they would look this person in the eye and speak their truth.’ They would give themselves a break’ ‘They would fly off to Barbados and sip cocktails on the beach (this one translates to ‘have a cup of tea and book a trip to Brighton. Barbados next year!). Can you see how easy it is to honour yourself and retrain yourself with this system?

AffORMations. Developed by Noah St John, these are slightly different and I love them. Start with the affirmation or with the goal, and then ask yourself WHY. This becomes your new affirmation, one you feel fully aligned with. So for example, with your affirmation ‘I am capable and getting closer to my dreams every day,’ you would ask ‘why am I capable and getting closer to my dreams every day?’ You might reply to yourself ‘because I am smart. Because I am committed. Because I work hard.’ It might be anything that comes up, and this is your new affirmation: ‘I am smart’ ‘I am committed’ ‘I work hard’

I hope you have enjoyed the blog. Do leave a comment or ask any questions you may have. And of course pick at least one of these methods and start doing it!

To your success.


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