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How to overcome the fear of no one buying your stuff. Or to put it another way, the fear of rejection.

At this time of year, I am always in awe of nature.

Every single year the brambles are a profusion of berries, the apple, pear and plum trees are so laden that they drop their fruit.

The corn ripens in the fields, the mushrooms grow in the woods and the blueberries ripen in the hills.

Again and again, year after year, regardless of whether anyone notices, whether anyone cares, whether anyone picks the fruit, whether animals make use of it, or whether it rots on the ground.

Nature produces regardless, it does what it is inspired to do, what it HAS to do.

The same applies to you.

Your ONLY job is to produce what is inside of you and to share it in some way. It is NOT for you to judge how many people are liking and sharing it on social media, it is NOT for you to judge your work based on how much it appears to be appreciated (or not, as the case may be).

Your one and only job is to produce, to allow creation to the things that inspire you.

The rest? Well the rest is none of your business (sorry!).

Take Vincent Van Gogh. Heard of him? Yeah, the guy with one ear. He sold ONE painting in his entire lifetime. One measly painting!

Kafka couldn’t get published during his lifetime.

Galileo’s theories were only accepted nearly 200 YEARS after his death, and were criticised by the religious order of his day.

J.K Rowling….well we all know her story.

Lady Gaga was dropped by her first record company .

Patrick Swayze had been dancing his whole life, and had been in the film industry for EIGHT years before he got his big break aged THIRTY FIVE. Remember that film by any chance?

OK, OK, we’re getting the idea here.

The point is…. it’s none of your business how the world perceives you or your work. Or doesn’t, as the case may be.

What would have happened had these people been deterred by a little non-appreciation?  What would the world have missed out on?

You are NO different from these people, at least at the time when they were doing their creating. They were just like you. The same fears, the same anxieties, the same not knowing if their ideas would be taken on board, now, tomorrow, in 200 years time.

You have something inside you that YOU love to do.

Be it painting, writing, philosophising, dancing, it’s NONE of your business if the world likes it the same way that you do.

Do your thing, own your thing, don’t be embarrassed by your thing.

My thing? It’s healing.

I also love writing, reading, swimming, learning, teaching, walking, and being on the top of mountains.

But healing, healing is the thing that only I can do the way that I do it.

I will carry on doing it and talking about it and feeling inspired by it regardless of whether the world wants to know.

What’s yours?

What’s the thing that feels as easy as breathing to you? The thing that just happens?

Ping me a line.

I would love to know.

Oh, by the way, nearly HALF the fruit on my apple tree this year was rotten before it was even ripe. They were duds, rejects, failures. This didn’t stop the tree from producing, nor will it stop it from producing next year.

The other half? The other half were delicious!


About Rachel: Rachel is a talented healer who helps women take control of their lives through releasing the past and raising their vibration. If you are feeling stuck, fed up, dissatisfied or unfulfilled, or you have a situation in your life that feels impossible, feel free to get in touch to see how she can help you.

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