Do you ever look back and realise how far you have come? It’s definitely worth doing every now and again.

It’s just a short one from me today because in just a few hours I am jetting off to Iceland, and I still have a fair bit to get done (you know, tidy the kitchen, put the clothes away, do the filing, all the things that have been there for the last month but all of a sudden HAVE to be done because you are going away for a whole week. Plus a few ACTUAL things. Like water the plants, find the passport and transfer some money so we can actually afford to eat)

However, I digress, and I said it was going to be a quick one. Ha ha.

I realise that a year ago, I wouldn’t have mentioned about going to Iceland. Because I know that some of you secretly harbour some judgement towards me in your gorgeous hearts.  Or if not directly towards ME, towards people LIKE me.

People who board an aircraft with coronavirus still on the loose, people like me who pollute the atmosphere, just when it’s beginning to recover. Yes, I know that some of you are secretly judging me.

And that’s OK. Because over the last year I have become more and more devoted to my own path. My life. My way of living it.

You’ve heard it said. Maybe you’ve even agreed with it in theory. That not everyone will like you. Not everyone will understand you. Some people may even hate you. Some people may think you are crazy.

It’s easy to say, but are you actually living it? Is your commitment to yourself stronger than the criticism?

Are you prepared to be unapologetically you? To love yourself enough?

This is my whole message. Because guess what, I’ve found it hard myself. To stand in my truth, to own my message, to make myself heard, to take my place.

I find it hard
to even write these words to you, a part of me feels ridiculous, but it needs to be said.

Each of us has our unique place in this world. Each of us has a message that is needed.

The problem I see over and over again is people not believing in themselves enough to actually say it, to actually express what is in their heart.

Yep, you guessed it, because of all the fears. I see so many fears. Of criticism. Of failure. Of judgement. Of getting it wrong. Of getting it right. Of just being.

Your fears are breaking my heart
. That’s why I set up the Clarity Confidence Club. That’s why I do my past life and regression healing sessions. To get you beyond all that so you can show up and be of service in the world.

It’s time. It’s time for the healers and lightworkers and everyone to stand in their power and add their own light – big or small – to the collective.

Are you going to join us? Don’t wait for your individual invite. You are needed. The world needs you. If there is even the smallest stirring in your Soul, you know it’s true.

OK, so not so short. These words came through me, so I am assuming one or more of you need to hear this today. Ping me an email back if that’s you. You know I love to hear from you!

And come join us for the free decision making workshop on 24th July. All very welcome, if there is something bothering you that you want clarity about, this is for you. Guided meditation, videos on or off, no need to share.

To your success

Rachel xx

P.S I have a brand new package available: ten weeks, ten powerful sessions, homework and support from me. £555. Hit reply to this email to sign up or enquire, just a couple of spaces left to start work in August.

Next workshop: Decision making guided meditation workshop.

Totally free and open to all. 

Fri July 24th 8pm – 9pm (ish)

Here is the link to sign up:

And yes, of course invite your friends. The more the merrier. 

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