Clarity Confidence Club 


An awesome subscription club for newbie soulpreneurs with a unique six step system to get you super clear about what you really want and confident putting it into action. Even if you currently have absolutely no clue and feel you have tried everything under the sun before. 


This is for you if:

    • You are sick of investing big money 
    • You are a newbie soulpreneur
    • You want to clear your blocks 
    • You want to learn more about energy 
    • You want to learn about intuition
    • You are ready to get actual results
    • You love workshops and learning
    • You want informal networking, interaction and support

    This is not for you if:

    • You don’t need more confidence
    • You already have everything you want
    • You prefer to work 1:1

    What you get


    • One limiting belief workshop per week
    • One brainstorming buddies per week
    • One tapping video per week
    • Unlimited support and encouragement
    • Ad hoc guest workshops
    • Affirmation of the day
    • Option to drop in and out as it suits you
    • No lock in period
    • Access to your own intuition
    • Permission to do business your way
    • Informal networking and discussion
    • Self awareness
    • New Friends

    What you don't get


    • Specific marketing advice
    • People telling you to do it their way
    • Unsolicited advice
    • People making you feel rubbish
    • Competition and comparisonitis
    • A lock in period
    • Price increases. You will pay the same price for ever, even if the investment goes up (it will.)

    What to do next?




    • Come and join us
    • Get ready to blitz your limiting beliefs and change your life



    • Do nothing
    • Come back in another six months when the price has gone up

    Click here to join CCC for just £5.99 a month.

    You will be taken to the facebook page. Follow the instructions to join and pay. It’s just £5.99 a month, stay as long (or as short) as you like

    “I want to thank you again because you have been such a big, positive influence in my life. Thanks to you, I’m coping 100% and feel happy with myself and family.” Lizzy, Totternhoe

    “I could work on my limiting beliefs to live fully present and free.” Joanna

    “The club is amazing.  I enjoy finding out what is behind my thoughts and feelings and it helps me stay on track.” – Helen, London

    “Rachel is fantastic at giving space and trust to talk about things. You feel deeply safe and respected with her presence.”
    “Rachel has a clear understanding of how to help women most effectively, and is very good at communicating this. Very useful, powerful stuff.”
    “A truly freeing experience. I did not know what to expect – but the sessions helped me to release and also open emotions and experiences that I needed to confront.”
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