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I don’t know about you, but I hear it all the time. 

”All growth happens outside of your comfort zone.”

”Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

”If you’re not expanding, you’re contracting” (like there’s only two options?!).

REALLY?  Really really?

Personally this doesn’t work for me.

Instead I prefer to EXPAND my comfort zone, so I can stay nice and safe inside it AND step up. 

Without having to get scared, without having to step out of my comfort zone into what feels like thin air, without having to jump off any goddamn cliffs.

Honestly, I’m not a leaper. And maybe you’re not either. I jumped out of a plane once, and it just wasn’t for me. No more leaping!

All it does is mess with my energy.  And if you know me at all, you will know I am all about the energy.

It gets me out of my body, feeling like I’m floating around in the wind, trying to generate something from no firm foundations.

And if you know anything about building, foundations are kind of important. The deeper the better I’m told.

Personally I like to feel COMFORTABLE with what I am doing. Either in life or in business. Sometimes this can feel a little bit of a stretch, to BEGIN with, whilst you settle into your new set point (see the last two newsletters) BUT I prefer not to operate from an unstable place.

This means getting good and comfortable with who I am FIRST. Knowing who I am, what my boundaries are, what my values are, what my skill base, interests and talents are.  Being comfortable in my own skin, and being able to launch from a really strong foundation.

Which doesn’t mean I have all the answers, it doesn’t mean I know the whole route.  It just means that I am solid in my next step, and my next step.

So the whole process looks like this:

Do the inner work. Get good and comfortable. Expand my comfort zone.

Take a step.

Do the inner work. Clear negative emotions, beliefs, past experiences.

Take a step.

Do the inner work. Get grounded, get in my body, feel comfortable about the next step.


This way you actually build the staircase before you try treading on it.  Do you think this might feel better than some crumbly old cliff face, barely clinging on but scrambling up anyway, feeling like you might fall down, or worse still, OFF,  at any moment?

You decide.

It doesn’t MATTER which way, so long as it suits you and your personality.

Think my way is slow? Na, it’s quick once you get the hang of it. Much quicker than slithering around on unstable scree slope or getting stuck in quick sand. Apologies if the analogies are a little all over the place!

If you want to get off the cliff, or out of the quick sand, get unstuck and feel COMFORTABLE with who you are and what you are doing,energy healing might be the way forward for you.  Book a clarity call to find out more.

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