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What is a story

A story is anything in your current life that is keeping you stuck. It doesn’t matter what, it could be a small thing or a big thing. Often it’s something that you have just assumed is part of you, something you never thought of addressing.

Something intangible like guilt, feeling responsible for other people’s happiness, feeling not good enough, not confident enough, not clever enough, being shy at parties, not speaking up because you think people might laugh at you.

Sometimes it is more specific: not speaking to the neighbour the loud music because they might criticise you, not having the confidence to give the presentation or apply for the job, relationship issues, anger or depression.

Sometimes it’s VERY specific: an event or a memory or stuff from childhood you just havn’t been able to resolve.

It’s also the thing that happened in the past to create these present feelings or situations. This might have been a specific event, which you most likely don’t remember, or how you were treated when you were a child. Which isn’t to say that you necessarily had a bad childhood: we all internalise things and form beliefs and judgements about ourselves and the world as a result. We don’t do this on a conscious level, but we all have these hidden ‘scripts’ that then run our lives, until we override them by either choosing to act differently or by ‘healing’ them.

As an arbitrary example: the story today is that you are afraid of dogs.
The story that needs ‘clearing’ might be: a big scary dog barked at you when you were three: you made the ‘decision’ that all dogs are scary.

Or your best friend got bitten by a dog when you were five. You’ve forgotten this but you decided that all dogs are dangerous.

Or you watched a film when you were seven where someone gets chased by a big scary dog. Or a cat gets chased by a dog. You should avoid all dogs.

Oh my goodness, as I write this I have just remembered that our rabbit got eaten by the Doberman up the road when I was a child. It was very upsetting. And guess what, I’m pretty scared of barking dogs. All I can see are the teeth.

If this seems simplistic, I apologise. All I know is that it works.

Looking for these energetic threads, finding the past emotion or event that is ‘causing’ your present reality, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Which is where I come in. I happen to be very good at it. Of course I have some techniques and processes to help me, but I seem to have a feel for it. I ‘see’ the energetic connection from what you are telling me, where we need to start looking.

Once we find it it, there are simple techniques to clear it. If there is only one contributing event, one session will probably heal – i.e – clear it. If there are more, then we will probably need some more time. But you can continue the healing work yourself at home. The healing techniques are easy to learn and I give you hand outs for all of them to take home. Plus of course I am available for questions.

You can read this review from one of my clients which I think explains wonderfully how it works. She has given me her blessing to publish this, and also reports that several months later, she hasn’t had a recurrence of the feelings which were making her unhappy and affecting her relationship.

A review of a ‘story’ which explains more….

“Rachel is amazing. I called her up as I was experiencing a bad time. My husband had recently had major surgery and as he recovered I was doing everything in the house, ( it did make me realise how much he did normally!) and I was feeling very put upon, although there was nothing either he or I could do about the situation, he was very weak. What made me most upset was that I couldn’t get to the bottom of why I was feeling as I was—— resentful, fed up and narky. Rachel quietly listened as I talked about what was going on, and little glimmers of past stories began to emerge, but not enough to get to the bottom of the blocked emotion around having to do everything. After about 15-20 minutes of chuntering, Rachel asked if I wanted to continue as we were, just me talking, or did I want to do an active body consciousness process and release what was bottled up from a previous time. So we did, and my what came up! Though a grounding and meditation I was instantly back to being the 30 year old me, and feeling exhausted, tired and so angry. I was in a former relationship, with 3 children and having to do EVERYTHING in the house, with no help, understanding or obvious affection from my then husband. I felt that I had to do it all and ask for no help to prove I was worthy and then he would appreciate me. I was constantly putting myself last. I felt guilty because I couldn’t find the time to be with the children and play with them, although I tried to juggle it all. Eventually I had a breakdown. I thought I had moved through all that martyr stuff, found a new husband who did show affection and helped out, and I had learnt to ask for assistance and not be so perfect. HaHaHa—– that old emotion was still lurking around deep down, and decided that this present situation was just the right time to jump up and bite me. The remainder of the session was focusing on metorphorically talking to the younger me, asking her forgiveness for the trauma she had suffered and hearing her respond to the present me. Sending love to each other and releasing the heaviness I was feeling at the start with lightness and relief. Liberating. All this achieved in just over an hour! I am 70 now, and just couldn’t believe I still had that emotional time lurking in my body after 40 years! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to heal it and get rid of it. (my husband is now fully recovered, and we are back to working as a team)”

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