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Techniques I Use

Emotional Freedom Technique

Quick and easy, EFT or tapping releases emotions. You don’t have to tell your story if you don’t want to. It is very safe and gentle. Like a pressure cooker we let off a little emotional steam at a time, and we can achieve great results in just a couple of sessions.

I had just 2 sessions and the results were amazing: at the beginning I could not think, let alone talk about a particular event without crying, and I mean REALLY crying. By the end I could talk about it event calmly and objectively and even had a different perspective on it.
I was calm and at peace and able to move on.

Rewind Technique


Rewind is a very effective technique for PTSD and again, you don’t need to tell your story or be retriggered. It doesn’t remove the memory but it eradicates the emotion surrounding it and works in just one or two sessions.

If you have intrusive thoughts, memories, anxiety, ‘triggers’ or flashes of anger, then this technique can really help. In just one session I went from having recurring and uninvited memories, to having to really search for the memory, and even then it was without the emotion.

Embodied Listening


Sometimes you just need to tell someone your story. Start to finish, no interruptions. Get it off your chest, be heard and validated. You don’t need to preplan anything: your story and emotions come up at their own pace.

It is a very powerful technique: people say that they get in touch with emotions they didn’t know were there, come to their own conclusions and solutions, and sometimes gain a different perspective.


It can help to understand why we or someone else acted the way we did. There are several methods of doing this and I will lead you through: body wisdom, inner child and past beliefs for example.

We can also gain understanding on someone else’s point of view. This puts us in a position of power, not over that person but by being in charge of our own decision-making and emotional responses to decide how to proceed

Body Wisdom


Our bodies hold the answers to more than we realise and once we find out how to ask, it can open up a whole new understanding. This is an easy and powerful technique, either to get in touch with parts of ourselves that feel stuck, upset, angry or in need of forgiveness, or with someone who has wronged or hurt us. With the right guidance everyone can do this and we can quickly and effectively let go of emotions.



Timeline Therapy

In a relaxed state, you allow your unconscious mind to take you back to the event or image in your childhood or past life that has caused your block. And then we clear it. End of. 

It helps to shed guilt and shame and forgive ourselves and others. Everyone works at the level that is right for them, we will not be opening cans of worms or ‘stuff’ that is not ready to be released.


Between sessions

This is optional of course, but is included in the price. Like everything I do it is bespoke: I may suggest some specific exercises you can do at home to release additional emotion.

All of these techniques are tried and tested and things I use myself daily in my own life. You can read about my story on the ‘My Story’ page. I have gone from feeling ashamed and a failure, to feeling proud at how much I have achieved.

Basically, the more homework you do, the more you release old emotions and habits, the quicker it will happen.

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