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Stop playing small!! Stop saying you are unimportant. Because your little story isnt as important as the tsunami that just happened the other side of the world or the earthquake or the fact your best friend’s mother just died.

Just because there are bigger catastrophes in the world does not negate YOU. And by denying your story, that is exactly what you are doing. You are saying, hey, it was only a small thing, I should just get over it cos it wasnt that important.

And thats where we all go wrong. ‘Our’ thing dosnt have value only in relation to something else, it IS of value all by itself. Out thing is not a competition, like a comparision website. Our thing is uniquely personal to us and needs to be acknowledged. It makes no difference that someone else went through something bigger and appears to be coping.

Only then can we begin to heal. Only then can we say, ‘my story is important. I am important’ Only then can we validate ourselves and only then can we move beyond the hurt and despair and live our full potential. Bring me your story and I will heal it for you. So that you can live again.

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