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How It Works



Well, that, I’m afraid, is a trade secret!!!  (No, seriously, it’s pretty simple. I will teach you EVERYTHING).

At the same time, I am guided, so I don’t always remember the session in detail afterwards.

In other words, your stuff isn’t going round in my head. I’m not remembering it if I happen to meet you at a dinner party afterwards. What am I talking about, I don’t go to dinner parties. I mean at a training or healing event.

The main thing though is that you will feel lighter, happier, more in your power.

So what DOES actually happen?  (if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to know. If not, you can skip this section)

  1.  We get on the Skype. Or you come to me in person in Pitstone. 
  2. You give me a synopsis of what’s going on. Your own words, as it comes out. No need to make it fancy
  3. I ‘read’ the energy. i.e where is it stuck, what needs to be released between whom. Is it childhood, generational, or past life? Is it even your energy at all, or something you have picked up along the way?
  4. Spirit guides me, and I guide you through one of a number of processes. They are all designed to release the energy from your human self (ie, emotions), gain awareness, gain forgiveness, and RELEASE the energy from all levels so that you feel free to live from your own energetic force field. This is where your power lies.
  5. We will likely enter the energetic realm and speak with your inner child, or your ancestors, or your past life self. Yes, you can do it. Everyone can. I will guide you. Spirit will give me the exact words, the exact awarenesses, the exact information that you need. 
  6. If you are on the Return to Self package, we also add in guided visualisations and exercises. Who are you, what are your values, what would support your highest self in the future? What would bring you the most joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment? How are you going to implement these in your life? We will sort all this out for you, even if right now you don’t have a blimin clue. 


More Questions?

Yeah, I’m the same. I like to know EVERYTHING before I book.

When are the sessions, how long, how will I feel, all the little details. I think it comes from being an academic in the past (aka when I was a teenager. I was heavily into Latin and ancient Greek. Plenty of detail there!).

Take a look at my FAQ page, or drop me a line. Text or facebook messenger is best so I can answer easily from my phone, I’m not really a laptop kind of girl.

Ready to book?

OK, maybe ready is the wrong word. I’m not sure any of us are completely ready. I have learnt that you can NEVER know the outcome until you actually do it. Sad. That would make decision making SO easy, right?! (I teach you about intuition and decision making on the Return to Self program).

But you CAN know if it you feel called, nudged, led.  If you do, feel free to book an initial session. I would love to hear from you. 

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