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Let me tell you a story.  I love stories! 

Money is just an energy, you don’t have to go and GET it, you don’t have to MAKE anything happen, you don’t have to DO a load of stuff, you just have to get yourself a nice big shiny lantern.

Let me explain.  As a teenager I was obsessed with the novels by Daphne Du Maurier.  I devoured them, I felt like she was talking directly to my soul.  I was particularly captivated by the ‘wreckers’ in Jamaica Inn.  These are the smugglers who used to stand at night on the rocks off Cornwall, lanterns in hand.  The cargo ships would think they had found safe haven and attempt to land, crashing and destroying their boats on the rocks.  The smugglers would then collect the loot.  So so simple!  Some part of me knew that it was a bad thing, that they were even bad people.  But I couldn’t get over how CLEVER they were.  Just with one little lantern, with the minimum of fuss, without even leaving dry land, without having to GO anywhere, they lured those boats in.  They didn’t have to go looking, the boats came straight to them, along with their bounty.

And so it is with money. 

All you need is a lantern, you need to make sure it is bright and shiny, and keep it polished.  With this lantern you will literally be a money beacon, you will attract it to you.  Without doing anything more than you are already doing.  Because it’s the ENERGY, the VIBRATION that is the key, not necessarily the doing.

So…. How do you do this?  How do you get a lantern and polish it?  Good question. 

First you need to match your vibration to the vibration of money and money vibration is HIGH.  So you need to clear all your past dramas, stories, emotions, that are keeping you in a state of lower vibration. (I happen to specialise in this btw).

You also need to work on your money stories, the ones that keep you from being really really good friends with money.  To demonstrate what I mean, you can check mine out here.

Think of money as a friend, a really really good friend, someone you completely adore, or a lover.  You are in love this person, you appreciate them, you value them, you feel pure joy in their presence, you have fun with them.  Because of this they love you back, they choose to spend time in your company, they willingly come to you.  You don’t have to PULL them, plead with them, tell them how wonderful you are or why they should be with you.  All you need to do is feel how you ALREADY do about them.  And there’s no faking this, they will know. 

So it is with money. 

Be in the vibration of unconditional love, friendship and joy around money.  Celebrate it and appreciate it, feel you deserve it, and it will be drawn to you. 

This is your lantern, and make sure it’s a big one.

Because money will ALWAYS go where the biggest energy is, where people are yelling ‘I love you!!!’

People judge money for this.  They call it ‘dirty’ because it will happily go to the hands of drug dealers and mafia bosses.  They sit at home and wonder why money hasn’t come to them because they are a ‘good’ person, they do ‘good’ things, they wonder why all the money goes into the hands of corrupt bankers and politicians.

Because these are your own values, and money doesn’t share these values.  Money has different values: it values the person who has the biggest energy, the brightest lantern.

Think of electricity. 

Electricity can be used for good or bad, for evil even.  But electricity itself isn’t any of these things, it’s just an energy.  What it gets used for is not up to electricity any more than it is up to money. It’s not ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘dirty’ ‘greedy.’  It can’t be, it doesn’t understand these terms, these are human terms.  It is humans that do these things to money, not money itself.

Money appears to be non-discerning but money is actually VERY discerning about where it goes.   Simply put, it will go to wherever the pull is greatest, to whoever has the biggest lantern. 

Anything less and money will just pass you by.  Not because it’s mean or uncaring or hard to get, but because it just doesn’t see you.  Imagine a tiny magnet trying to pull a massive one, or trying to see a small wavering lantern when you are out to sea.  Nothing happens, the pull isn’t sufficient.  It’s not personal, it’s physics.

Join me on the call on Friday at 8pm where we will be looking at some of your money stories, looking at some of your REAL beliefs and stories around money, and giving you some techniques to clear them.  In short, I will be giving you some techniques to polish your lanterns.  I’m looking forward to it!

If you have any questions before the call, things you would like addressed, comment on this post in the group.

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