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Last week I had a health scare.  It’s the best thing that’s happened to me in ages. 

I have had the best week!  I have finally woken up to the fact that the time is NOW!!  I am sure a part of me thought I was immortal, that there would always be time to do the things I want to do, live my dreams. 

Ten years ago I fancied going to Annurpurna, trekking in the high mountains of Nepal.  I put it off.  I wasn’t fit enough.  Simple truth: I was scared.  Of the culture, the language, the altitude, the fitness.  Fear of whether I was really capable of it.  But it was also my dream, is still my dream.  Ten years on I realise I will probably NEVER be as fit again as I was then.  I was fitter ten years ago than I am now, I am fitter now than I probably will be in ten years.  Except that now I have a potential heart problem that may affect both my ability to travel and going up any mountains.  Whatever your dream, the time is NOW!! 

Five years ago there was a potential opportunity to work in Nepal.  It was a dream but I never even looked into it.  I had a job.  I had responsibilities. I didn’t feel good enough.  I assumed there would always be another time. Now neither job is anywhere to be seen! The time was THEN!!

Last year I wanted to volunteer with refugees.  I put it off.  I would do it when my business was more established, when I had more savings in the bank, when I felt more secure.  No planning, no deadline, just ‘sometime.’  I realise if I don’t MAKE it happen, it won’t happen.  Procrastination is meaning my life is passing me by.   

I have come to realise my life is NOW.  Right here in front of me.  This week I have been on my stepper every day.  It has sat there for 5 years.  I have been for a walk by the beautiful canal every day.  I have cooked myself healthy food, been in the garden, read a book.  I have done the things which bring me joy, which make me feel like I am living.

I was so busy buying into all the hype.  You can achieve what you want, have what you want, you can have the millionaire lifestyle, the time-money freedom.  I was living in a future place where I could afford to travel all the time, volunteer whenever I want.

Now I realise that I don’t need these things to be happy, to be fulfilled.  If I never have more money than I do now, I will be happy.  If I never take another trip, I will be happy.  Those other things would be a bonus, but they should never be INSTEAD of the life you have now.  Don’t put your life on hold for some future dream.

I have woken up, I will never again sacrifice what is right in front of me for what is ‘out there’ somewhere.  If I never achieve the financial freedom, the travel, the lifestyle, I’m OK with that now.  Because my life isn’t those things, was never those things.  My life is right here in front of me, to create what I want with.

Whatever happens in the future, if I need surgery (highly unlikely, it’s probably just a heart murmur) or if I don’t, it will be worth it for this lesson, this opportunity to be happy now.

So my message is this.  The time is NOW!!!  Stop procrastinating because it’s costing you your life.  Not necessarily to drop everything and do the big trip, but at least to start figuring out how to make it happen, when it will happen.  And in the meantime, make the most of the life you have right now.  Because ‘someday’ is ‘no day.’  You deserve better.

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