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Do you love your life? Do you have a big vision for it?

No, I thought not.  Most of us don’t.  Most of us bumble along, taking what’s offered.  If we are asked to imagine our big life, what we would absolutely love, how we would like to be living, most of us can’t.  The jump from here to there is too big, we have money problems, we have commitments, it’s not possible.  So we stay stuck, we make do.  (Tip for imagining: imagine yourself looking back at your best year ever.  What kind of things were you doing?  Who were you meeting?  Where were you living?  Most importantly, how were you FEELING?) 

But I would like to suggest there is another way.  Allow yourself to follow your inspiration, your curiosity, do what feels good, without knowing where it is leading, even IF it is leading, with no expectation of any outcome.

This is Esther Hick’s story, as told to Oprah on that little show in the States, the Oprah Winfrey show.  Esther is now world famous, she channels information from an entity called Abraham.  She passes us information on vibration, law of attraction and many other subjects.  She runs cruises and packed events all over the world.

So how did she get here?  Did she wake up one day and think, ‘darn (she’s American) I’m so sick of my life, I’m going to be famous, make a ton of money, travel the world, be featured on a film, meet Oprah and write nine books’.

You’ve probably guessed the answer.  No, she didn’t.  She was already happy with her life.  She didn’t even know that a thing called channelling existed. She wasn’t looking OUTSIDE of herself for anything.

All she did was follow her curiosity, allowed herself to be moved enough to act on it.  She was introduced to the Seth books, another channeller.  She wasn’t even sure she believed in it, but she was curious enough to want to meet him. 

She loved it.  Did she think, hey, I want some of that.  I’m going to be a world famous channeller?  Did she go looking for it outside of herself?  No, all she did was follow her inspiration.  She started meditating, not to try and learn channelling but because it made her FEEL good. 

She meditated every day for nine months, when one day it happened, information started to come to her.  Do you think she would have been able to sit there every day for nine months, if her motivation was to BECOME something?  No, I don’t think so.  She would have lost faith.  Her motivation was just that she enjoyed doing it.

It was slow at first, a few, slow, written words.  She didn’t know when it would happen, she couldn’t control it.  But she enjoyed it and she got better.  She kept going because it was fun and exciting, not because she wanted anything out of it.

The rest kind of grew from there.

Now I’m not saying that if you do this, follow your bliss, that you will be rich and famous.  But I do know that you will be happy and your life will not be the same.  It’s a very different energy from reaching, grasping, wishing for something other than you already have.

Nor am I saying that it’s wrong to have goals.  If you know what you want and feel you can get there, go for it, make a plan and make it happen.  But don’t forget to enjoy the ride, have some fun, follow your bliss, let things unfold.  Good luck!

Rachel Weber is an emotional healer.  She heals aspects from a person’s past that are keeping them stuck in their present reality, stopping them from moving forward.  you can find our more about how she works here.

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